This site serves as a hub of information to help residents of the town of Glen Echo learn about and engage with local sustainability related initiatives and opportunities. 

Recycling in Glen Echo

Did you know? Glen Echo now has dual stream recycling! Dual stream recycling separates different categories of recyclable materials, which means less contamination, and more materials are successfully recycled. Check out this list to ensure you are sorting your recycling correctly!  


We need your support to keep our town green, healthy, and beautiful! Visit the link below to learn more about how the Green Team can use your donation to ensure the beauty and sustainability of our shared spaces.

Get Involved

There are many ways to work towards a sustainable future and simultaneously  get involved with the Glen Echo community! 

Sustainable Maryland Certification

The Green Team is working hard to get the Town of Glen Echo Sustainable Maryland certified, which would solidify our commitment to the environment and put us on the forefront of Maryland's green movement! Click here to learn more about Sustainable Maryland and the certification.

Zoom Programing

Our Latest Project:

Pollinator Garden!

Sustainable landscaping and stormwater management. February 24 at 7pm. Keep up to date on the "Community Involvement" page!

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Monarch on a Mexican Sunflower

Taken by Speke Wilson at our pollinator garden